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Björk – MTV Unplugged (1994)


It’s obviously no secret that I’m a huge admirer of Björk. Her voice sends chills to different parts of my being. Her pixie-like performance style is not only interesting, but something of a wonder in the world of so-called pop performers. She’s not at all delicate, not at all what most would consider “normal.” She’s a blazing piece of music flash that’s unbelievably brilliant and unwaveringly sublime.

Her stint on MTV Unplugged in the early 90s showcases her carefree embracing of her performance space, no matter how small or large. The genuine sparkle and fire of her personality meshes very well with the intimacy of her audience. She allows every member the chance to peek into her world, giving everyone a glimpse at the purity in her delivery. Truly a gift to anyone who remembers the genius and fearlessness of MTV in the 90s.


Van Hunt – Sound Opinions (2012)


There are times when words aren’t even necessary to describe the elegance and grace of something that finds its way in front of you. This is one such occasion. I was looking for something beautiful, something to break through the grey and dim of my world. Lo and behold, Van Hunt manages to crawl into the dark spaces inside me and bring about the most incredible light I’ve ever felt.

His performance for WBEZ 91.5’s Sound Opinions is a revelation, a simple performance and space that is drastically transformed into something ferocious and beautiful. Really, there’s not much I can say that would do this session justice. Just allow the smooth caramel of this man’s voice to spread it’s spicy sweetness into your body and hold you.

Lauryn Hill – Unplugged 2.0 (2002)

This is one of those performances that leaves me utterly speechless. But, really, what can I say? Lauryn Hill was completely barenaked in this piece, exposed and open for the world to see. She wasn’t the pop star or R&B starlet that sold over a million copies of her debut. She was simply Lauryn, a woman with a guitar and a voice, creaking and rocking with heartache and honesty.

The performance was so powerful, her emotion so raw, it prompted Kanye West to actually sample a never before released song, “The Mystery of Iniquity.” With words as mighty as weapons, Lauryn Hill went on an emotional tirade and released her soul on to the audience, providing them an experience I’m sure they’d never had before… and probably not ever since. Truly, this is one of the most incredible performances it’s ever been my pleasure to witness.