No More Homophobia!

Hello my dreamers!

The point of this page is to allow anyone who wants to to express themselves openly and without persecution. Whether you’re gay, lesbian, transsexual, bisexual, straight, pink, purple, or orange… I want you to show your support, spread universal love, and spread the message that there is honest love and care out there for any and everyone who needs it.

I know it’s hard to end fear… but let’s show the world the beauty of humanity. No matter who you love, you’re beautiful and you have a heart that deserves to be cherished. Let’s send love around the world and end hate brought on by fear of something different.

Let’s end homophobia!!!

I’ll be adding stories, poetry and videos from old friends and new ones to this page as often as I can. So, basically, it’ll be a never ending page of information, videos, poetry, links, etc. Thank you all for your support.

Share your thoughts and send out your loving vibes!

No More Homophobia!

Be Proud. Be Loved.


2 thoughts on “No More Homophobia!

  1. Adriane

    DanFrom the description.UPDATE, PLEASE READTo all my fdenirs and supporters,I made this video 4 months ago just before school was about to start. I was 13. It was a very emotionally dark time in my life. I made the video at 4:00am in the morning; I hadn’t been sleeping at night for a long time, too many things going on in my head. I was dreading going back to school and I had not come out to my family yet. Only my closest fdenirs knew. I didn’t know how to say what I needed to say. All I could think about were all the bad things that had been happening at school last year, every year for that matter. I just couldn’t bare to go through that anymore. I was done being fake happy, pretending hateful words didn’t hurt, done hiding it from my family.So this video was made for my fdenirs that had moved on to High School who were worried for me, to say to them that I was going to take a stand, and to the haters at my middle school that I’m not going anywhere. I am who I am. I posted the video here and told people were to find it. That was it.My fdenirs were moved by the video and thought I did something important. I was encouraged to upload it to my Facebook page so more people could see it. Maybe it could help someone else going through the same thing. So I linked it Dec. 1st. My Parents saw it for the first time Dec, 2nd.Then .. all this happened.I never expected in a million years that it would have such a wonderful impact on so many people. I am truly humbled and truly thankful for all the love, encouragement and support from people all over the world. It’s been incredibly overwhelming. I don’t know what to say. Thank you so, so much!Lastly, yes you have seen me happy in a couple short videos replies I posted; I would think that would be a good thing , and yes I do have fdenirs, my High School fdenirs, and I have made fdenirs because when I came out they realized that they had hurt me and that they fealt sorry. The video is real, and true.In the last few months everything eventually came out in the open, I felt a huge weight off my shoulders; I’m happy, I’m excepted for who I am, I’m more confident and feel stronger every day.Thank you all, Love and peace to all who are hurting.Jonah Mowry I hope this is a Beacon of hope for LGBT youth.

    1. Yvning Post author

      Thank you for sharing your story. I hope that there are others who can take heart of what you’ve said and realize that while the world is a dark place full of people who fear what they don’t understand, there are still beautiful people in this world who love unconditionally.


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